Thursday, December 22, 2011

Careful steps...

I have to say this holiday season is flying by with more cheerfullness than last.  Our family is really having such a great time with all the different holiday activities and parties.  But I feel like I am stepping carefully every day. I know grief is right around the corner, waiting to catch me off guard.  I wonder if I will wake up Christmas morning and the floor will fall out from beneath me?

Well, I have to try and stay positive, so here are some pictures of the many, many things we've done the past few weeks.

Ethan riding the carasoul at Bass Pro.  Love this kid's expressions!

Both boys on Santa's lap.  The first year they have both been willing to visit Santa.  Love the look on both boys' faces.

Ethan making cookies at his Christmas party at school. (Colton's is in an hour)

The boys making a tower with the ingredients for the snack mix for their teachers' Christmas baskets.

12 adults in my dining room.  Our first annual Parents Only Christmas party.  Had a blast!

Thank you, Peter, for reminding us of the child in all of us!

Emily loving her gift!!

More laughter!!

My boys giving the lego firestation a second try.

Ethan and Snickers enjoying Christmas vacation down time.

Playing with gingerbread zombies. (Ethan's zombie at Willy's brains)

We gave Aunt Doris and Dru a gag gift that took them back a few decades (or more).  This picture makes it all worth it!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures.  I am hoping the good feelings keep coming.  I know many of you are having a tough time this holiday season, and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.  

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