Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-bye 2011

I am sad to see 2011 go in some ways.  We had so much fun this year!  I started this post as a short good-bye to 2011, but really felt I should review with some pictures of all the great fun we had.  So far this Dec. 31 is much better than last.  And I know 2012 is promising some fabulous greatness!
Let's check out LOTS of pictures from 2011!!

Colton started 2011 with having his tonsils and adnoids removed.  What a blessing to finally have this done.

And I finally met Rhonda in person! YAY!!!  We had so much fun that weekend and I am so grateful of the light that was sparked in me that weekend.  Oh the changes I have undergone inside and out this year!

In February, it snowed 14+ inches!  Here is a collection of pictures I took every hour that day. 

In March we rescued Snickers. I cannot describe how important this dog has been to me and our family.

In April, Colton turned 5.  He was no longer a preschooler, but a big kid.  WOW!

In May, my Grandma paid us a visit on her way to Branson.  I love spending time with her!  And for 87, she looks FABULOUS!!!!

May also brought the F5 tornado that devastated Joplin.  My hearts still go out to everyone affected.  That same storm brought me a double rainbow.

 And Colton graduated from Pre-K in May.  What a teary day for me.

 June started with Lucas and Caleb's first heavenly birthday.  Oh the mixture of emotions.  They are loved and missed so much.  They have changed my life and so many others. Love you, sweet boys!

Colton had his first t-ball game in June...

Plus we road tripped it to Columbus, OH to visit my grandma June and Sofia.

In July, we were outside all the time.  Colton climbed his first tree!!

August brought my 30th birthday!  We had so much fun celebrating with friends and family.  I am often reminded how very blessed I am.

 August also found us with our first round of stitches.  Colton was a trooper.

Then there was Colton' s first day of Kindergarten.  A difficult day for me, a great day for him.

September started with Ethan's first day of preschool.  I cried so much for a few weeks with this one. 

Colton also started football in September. Loved it!!

October brought the birth of my niece, Emily.  This was an emotional roller coaster, but I learned knew strength through it.  Love her so much!!

The PTA fall festival was also in October. I worked so hard on the planning and organizing.  It was a huge success and I am so grateful for everyone who helped.

We can't forget Halloween.

In November, Colton went deer hunting for the first time.

And Willy shot his first deer!

And Ethan turned 4.

 In December, Ethan finally sat on Santa's lap.

The holiday season was busy and fun this year.  I am sort of sad to see it over, but excited to see what the next year will bring.

So here's to a great end to 2011 and a fabulous beginning to 2012!
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  1. Love this year in review. Best wishes for 2012! I'm sure there are wonderful things in store for you.


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