Thursday, December 8, 2011

Touching Hearts

Dear Precious Boys,

The two of you touch so many hearts in this world.  I never could have imagined how two very special boys with such short earthly lives could do the things the two of you have done.  Just as my world revolves around Colton and Ethan, it also does the two of you.

One of Ethan's teachers, Ms. G gave me this today.

Last Friday when I was missing you ever so much, she saw me when I dropped Ethan off.  It was the first time I've really lost it in front of his teachers.  I struggled quite a bit during the beginning of the year about when and how to talk to them about the two of you.  Boys, there was a conversation about a month ago with Ms. M. (Ethan's teacher also) when I felt it was time.  It's hard to share you with people I don't know very well, face-to-face..  Your memory is so precious and I feel very protective of the two of you.  Also, it is just really hard to make someone sad.  And it is very sad that the two of you aren't here, running around. 

You have touched a lot of new lives and hearts this past month.  With Christmas coming up, I feel it is your gift to me.  I love you, sweet babies.  And I carry you with me every day, hour, and minute.  The way you have transformed my life is incredible. And watching as you touch others makes me a proud mommy.  Thank you, my loves!

And thank you, Ms. G.  Your heart is so kind.
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