Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Week of Pickles

Pickles is the family shelf elf.  He arrived on November 25th this year.  He always arrives after Thanksgiving some time.  The boys LOVE him.  They often tell him what they would like for Christmas and how good they have been during the day.  They also let him know if their brother hasn't been very well behaved during the day.  Cracks me up!

Here are the pictures of how he has been found during the first week.  He really is a creative, playful, and comical little guy.

November 26th morning he was found with the boys' toothbrushes and a welcome note.

 November 27th, he had decided to play some Wii.

We decorated the tree on the evening of the 27th, so on the 28th he was found hanging upside down, a little tangled in the lights and frootloops.

He loves to play with the kids' toys.  Ethan was excited to wake up on the 29th and see he had been playing with the trashpack stuff.

Colton left his shoes out and still tied that night, so on the 30th, he woke to find Pickles had tied his shoes together.

Pickles likes to hang with friends also.  He invited some penguins over to play cards and this is how we found him on the 1st.

Not sure why we found him here on the 2nd.  But the boys were quite concerned about getting him down safely.

Pickles is adding some fun to this holiday season.  We are all enjoying his presence.  I am looking forward to sharing more of his antics through Christmas.

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  1. I love all your hiding spots! How cute to have him set up playing cards with his stuffed animal friends!


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