Sunday, November 4, 2012


Halloween this year was definitely the best we've had.  Especially in the last few years.  In 2009 we were trying to conceive and it was taking longer than usual.  I was feeling frustrated, my cycle was everywhere. As we went through the neighborhood, I wondered if we'd have another baby next year or not.
In 2010, it had been almost 5 months since Lucas and Caleb had been born.  The entire evening was spent with me physically being with my family but emotionally being in another world.  My heart hurt, I was missing my two baby boys.  And the popular costume that year was Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I had almost ordered those onesies for Lucas and Caleb to wear on Halloween back in May.
In 2011, I was hoping we would start TTC-ing again.  I was 100% with my family, but would imagine pushing a stroller up and down those streets the following year. 
And this year, 2012, I was pushing that stroller.  All seemed pretty close to right.  Colton and Ethan ran from house to house.  Every once in awhile I thought about how crazy it would have been trying to keep track of FOUR boys running up and down the sidewalks.  And I felt Lucas and Caleb close by,with the swirling of the leaves and the soft snoring sounds of Simon in the stroller. 
Now for some pictures
The pumpkins the boys carved.  I'll post on that fun later.

Our breakfast that morning.  Willy and I make a pretty good creative team.

Happy First Halloween Mr. Simon!  

My boys and I

Ethan having a blast!  The Thomas pail is from Colton's 2nd Halloween...2007

Colton is so in to Ninja Turtles right now.  Love that he wasn't wanting some scary or gory costume.

These two house get together every year and put on this amazing display!  We love it, and we always look forward to seeing what each year brings.  In 2010 they did Adam's Family check it out here

This kid always gets soooo in to his character.  

Here is our haul from the night.  The boys were super excited and so were the parents.

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