Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washer Washes Out

Many of you know from Facebook that we had a small disaster in our house two weeks ago.  Our washing machine, which is on the second floor, froze in the rinse cycle and poured water for two hours.  The result is the pictures below. 
The view from the playroom.  This was taken after the water quit dripping.  It rained for an extra 30 minutes after I turned the water off.
The gaping hole of the first piece that fell.
You can see how wet the carpet was.  It was floating over the carpet pad.
When I came home from a walk at the park with a friend, I heard water running.  It sounded like the shower, so I peeked into the bathroom and saw our dining room ceiling on the floor!  I can't describe the millions of thoughts that flew through my head.  I called Willy so he could tell me how to get to the shut-off valve.  After shutting off the water, I then made my way through the pouring water and had to dig out Snicker from his crate.  His crate sits behind the bathroom door, about where the cooler below is.  The poor dog is okay.  I then waiting for Willy to get home.
Willy came home and got straight to work cleaning things up.  He is such a rockstar!  He worked hard.

 We moved the furniture into the playroom in case more ceiling fell.  We decided to take a break and grab some lunch while we waited for the insurance company to call us back.  Dru had made it over to help with Simon while we cleaned.
We heard a crash while taking a lunch break.  Poor Willy.
That night I woke to use the bathroom and this is what the bathroom ceiling looked like.  I lost it.  I wasn't even safe to use my bathroom in my home.
By 10:00pm the next night, the bathroom ceiling fell.
And Willy went back to work.
This is our backyard the next day.  How embarrassing.
And here is a picture of them drying the floors.  They ripped out the carpet pad and spend three days drying the floors. They also were able to dry our walls.
We have been back in our house for a week now.  And we are still living in a construction zone.  It is tough, I will admit.  I am appreciative the insurance company put us in a hotel for five days, but I was hoping we'd be done by now.  And all this with a now six week old. Crazy!
This is the boys' playroom.  There is no where for them to really play.
Here is the view from the other corner.  There is a path to the front door.  It is looking much more put together than it did last week.

Our upstairs is even more cramped.  We had to move everything from the laundry room/storage area into the bedrooms.  There was a washer and dryer in my bedroom for two weeks! 

Looking all this is tough, and living through it is tough.  But I am so incredibly grateful that no one was home.  No one was hurt, and nothing was ruined beyond repair.  Plus, I get a new washing machine!  And Willy and I discovered that we still work really well together, even when under a ton of stress and tension.

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