Friday, November 2, 2012

Simon-1 Month

Simon turned ONE month old a week ago. With everything that has been going on with the house, I wasn't able to post for it though. But he is getting so big! The little boy does so much now.

He is awake and alert so much more than he was a couple weeks ago.  Simon is a great nurser, which I am very thankful for.  He does spit up quite a bit, but we are getting used to frequently changing clothes.  I am grateful for the closetful he has!  He also sleeps through the night, and has been for two weeks now.  I am so appreciative for this also.  He is a pretty easy going baby and has had a lot of firsts this first month.

Simon in his swaddle sack.  He LOVES to sleep in this, and I am going to have to buy some more.  Colton and Ethan both hated to be swaddled, so it took me a while to try swaddling him.

 Simon in a 0-3 month sleeper for the first time.  This is the first sleeper I bought for him.  I love the moose!

Baby boy loves his swing.  Not to mention rocking the baby legs and neon green chuck socks!

I love this sweatshirt and jeans outfit.  He just looks warm and cozy.

Willy was supposed to be putting Simon to sleep.  Jokes on him!!

Simon's first trip to the park.  He slept the whole time, but the time with a great friend was had.  Little did I know what I'd be coming home to in a half hour.

The three boys playing video games.  Simon sat here for 45 minutes with his big brothers.

1 Month Old.  And we captured half a smile

The difference the first month makes.  He looks so much more filled out.  And the onesie fits much better, he's not swimming in it.
I love this picture also, so had to share it.

And who has the cutest butt?
This past month has been absolutely amazing.  Even with the stuff with the house.  It feels like Simon has always been here, and we couldn't imagine life now without him.  He has helped heal my heart some.  There have been so many firsts this month that I had envisioned with Lucas and Caleb.  Those have been bittersweet moments.  Our first trip to church, our first MOPS meeting, first trip to Mike and Dru's, and our first family birthday party.  It really seems like it took so long to have a baby at one of those events.  So much waiting and wanting.  I am sure the next year will be full of the bittersweet moments, and I will embrace them for everything they are and every emotion they carry.

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  1. Simon is so cute and so much bigger. I love that comparison picture (i love all the pictures really). It's amazing the difference a month, even a week, makes at this stage.
    Such beautiful eyes!


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