Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas program

Colton's school Christmas program was on Thursday. It was great! I was running late, arriving there 30 minutes before the program started. Because of my "tardiness" I was stuck towards the back and really couldn't get very many quality photos. I am bummed, but there were a few that stuck out. They put the pre-K classes up on the choir balconey, so they were even further away, and my flash freaked out everytime the lady in front of me swung her hair around. Lesson learned, next year arrive an hour early.

Colton on the right, and Riley, his girlfriend of a whole year now on in the red to the left.

Colton was feeling bummed because he couldn't find us. Another down side to being late.
Picking at his lip. This is Colton's new hobby and we are trying HARD to break it.

All in all the program was really nice. Some of the younger kids on stage were a total hoot! They put three microphones on the stage this year and what 2 or 3 year old can resist belting it out into a microphone?

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