Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Day Out With Colton

I get to spend time with Ethan three days a week while Colton is at school. We shop, play, eat, and have a great time. But I really don't get that one on one time with Colton. So Colton and I spent the day together today. We did some Christmas shopping, and playing. Then off to a birthday party.

One of the changes that has happened since Lucas and Caleb were born is that I am a much better mom. I have so much more fun with Colton and Ethan than I ever did before. Not that I was a bad mom, I just didn't enjoy as much as I should have. But now I enjoy every little moment, I take more time to really savor the fun we are having and their childhood. And I laugh with them all the time.

There is a store in the mall, Earthbound. Ethan avoids it, but Colton loves the HUGE gorilla right inside the doors. Today he wanted to create a scary picture for Daddy.

The birthday party was at the local family center, complete with a pool. Colton would live in the water if I let him. And he spends most the time jumping in and climbing out. This kids gets some major air!

His girlfriend, Riley was there, also. These two decided last spring that they were going to get married one day, and it hasn't changed. They spend a lot of time together during school and we get together with her family when we can outside of school. I love her and her family.
Plus, I got my baby Morgan fix. Riley's little sister is such a sweetie!

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