Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookies, Friends, Family

Our weekend was spectacular! It started with our annual cookies and crafts with Carter and Melanie. We started this last year as a way to get together for the holidays while saving some money. It's a great time! Here are all three boys.

Colton and Carter have been best buds since they were 10 months and 14 months old. They play so well together and we LOVE their parents. And Baby Girl who will be here soon!
All three of them were caught with fingers in their mouths. Totally lovin' the icing!

And here they are playing after cookies. I love how the older boys let Ethan in on their play.
On Sunday, we went to Dru's to decorate her famous Christmas Sugar Cookies! These cookies rock and we wait all year for them. This year some of us got together to decorate them. Great times!
Here's Jamie getting started. I love this girl. Her zest for life is contagious and she always makes me smile. And my boys LOVE her tons!

Colton trying to figure out how to use the icing tube Grandma rigged for him.

Ethan and Baby Bear.

Willy icing the cookies and Ethan putting on sprinkles. A very good plan.
And the finished products. We had so much fun making different characters, animals, and everything in between.

After decorating cookies and eating pizza, we visited some and did a small gift exchange. Willy and I went out and chose candy bars (or packages) that reminded us of each person that was there. It was so much to think of who was what. Everyone loved it and we laughed alot. All in all, it was a great weekend. The boys were so wiped out that they requested to be in bed at 6:30!

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