Monday, December 20, 2010

Sad Anniversaries of Happy Moments

They are quickly approaching. And it's beginning to hurt again. And they are all around me. Many of the moms who lost their precious babies are also beginning to hit those days that were fantastic last year, but are just another day to remind us of our loss this year. My first day is quickly approaching and I think it is really adding to the sensitivity I have been feeling. The date the twins were conceived. I know this date. I learned I was ovulating, moved around our schedule to make room for a little fun. And as it draws near, the tears also draw nearer to the surface.

I am glad to be past six months. And now I have to spend the next six months dealing with the anniversaries of days that were so special and full of happiness, but now are just another dark day.

Level four meltdown is getting close. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. ((HUGE HUGS)) ♥ I am thinking about you and praying for you. If you need to talk, or yell, or cry...I am here.

  2. HUGS! thinking of you!

  3. Know I will be holding your hand and giving you hugs when meltdown four happens. I am nervous about those upcoming happy days too. Sending you loving thoughts as always. <3


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