Friday, April 22, 2011

Colton's Lego Party

Once again, a little late, but here it is.

Colton's 5th birthday party had a lego-racecar theme. I was really excited about this party as there were so many great ideas to go with it.

First, here's Colton's cake. Willy's mom does a FABULOUS job and is incredibly talented. You can tell she pours all her love into these. And Willy sat on the floor one night, building the cars. Sadly enough it only took 15 minutes or so.

These kids are surrounding over 600 legos! We decided to let the kids all build their own lego car and then had races. The rush to the legos was worth every bit of it. Then there was the excitement when I told them they get to take them home. Love it!!

Colton's pinata. We do one at EVERY birthday party. You can see the determination he had to hit it just right.

This is his friend friend, C. The enjoyment on his face as he beats the crap out of the pinata is a little unnerving. Can't wait to show this picture to his momma.

The candy. Three and a half pounds of candy was picked up in under 45 seconds. Seriously. Not a piece left on the ground. Guess that is what happens when 24 kids our waiting for it to drop.

Grandpa Mike. Nothing else to write here.

Another of Willy's works of art.

Colton's first real video game. Mario Galaxy 2. Judging by this picture, he will be alot like his daddy.

Colton and Austin putting together the yellow lego truck together. I love how Michelle's kids and mine can grow up together even though there are 200 miles between us. So blessed.

The party was a blast, one of our best. We had so many people there that it reminded me how much I have to be grateful for. My family is in a great place and we are surrounded by so many that love us, and that we love. Thank you to everyone who came and shared this day with us!

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