Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little Tardy

So two weeks ago was spring break. We decided to head to Silver Dollar City with the Gipson family on Thursday. Incidentally it was also the coolest day of the week. We figured with upper 40's that the crowd would be small, anyway. We were wrong, and it did warm a little above 50. The boys haven't been there in since December of 09. Baby Morgan and her beautifully bright smile. Who could spend 15 minutes with her and not want to have a baby? She was so good the entire day.
Willy and Brian waiting for the ride to start. The little ones wanted the daddies to ride with them. This is the frog ride, it goes around and the cars bounce....

or they are supposed to. They had to ask Willy to get off. Apparently when you put two grown men on the same side in itty bitty cars, the ride won't work. I truly love my husband. He just laughed it off with everyone else.

The froggie ride working and everyone having a great time.

Brothers. It was only a few months ago when they refused to hold hands. Now they do it all the time. So bittersweet.

This is the sprayer for the Huck Finn ride. The guests get to spray the people who are riding in the raft. Look at the meniachal smile on Colton's face.....just before he learned they also had water cannons.
This is a fried potato on a stick! Smelled fabulous!!!! $5 for 2000 calories!

Enjoying the swings. I have always loved this ride. And I really enjoy riding with my boys just as my mom rode with us girls when we were younger.

The day was so much fun. We were disappointed that we didn't get to ride more rides, but the lines were crazy long and there just wasn't enough time in the day. Brian and I did ride this red spinning saucer thing, though. That was absolutely spectacular! I can't wait for Colton to grow another INCH then he can enjoy the really cool stuff!

I'll wrap this up with Colton having pink eye and bronchitis just as school let back in. The kiddo got a 12 day long spring break. But he felt pretty icky for a few days. A side note: When they ask you to pay $86 or so for eyedrops, make the call to the dr's office for cheaper ones. They can prescribe them. We ended up paying only $10.36 after a few phone calls.

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