Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Days....already!

This weekend was crazy packed. This post is long with alot of pictures, but considering I took over 150, I think I narrowed it down pretty well. Saturday was 88 with a slight breeze. We took the boys to the park to do some creek fishing and play. I forgot my camera, so I didn't get a picture of the fish they caught. We then headed to Wal-Mart to get some last minute stuff and then home. We decided that since it was so incredibly warm, we would get out the slip-n-slide for them. Snickers is a fan also. I wasn't really sure how he would do with water, but it looks like he's gonna be a water puppy.

Colton speeding down and Snickers not expecting a splash.

Snickers wanting to join in on the fun. He chased the boys up and down the slip-n-slide. Or tried to, he's kind of faster than they are, so it was more like circles.

Ethan would run down the track and slide just before the pool at the end. It's been fun watching the boys grow into this summer toy. Each year they seem to get it more and more.

Where's Snickers?

Colton just about plowed down Ethan several times. They liked to use the same lane for some reason.

We had our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. We skipped last year since I was crazy pregnant with the twins and Colton's birthday was right after Easter. Holding this party did alot for me this year. It really made me feel like we were getting back to normal, doing normal things from before everything was turned around. Here's the table of snacks and such. I didn't realize until after I placed the grapes on the table that I also had a bowl of plastic grapes. Hence the note. And the special treat this year was the hidden treat rice krispie eggs. Willy and I had a great time putting those together.

The nearly 500 eggs we hid in the yard.

Ethan on the run. He passed up probably 50 eggs in the grass to get the one in the toy.

Thomas finding his second egg. The first one he picked up was one of the camoflauge eggs. Good eye, kiddo.

The Golden Egg. There was close to $8.00 in it this year. Way to go, Andrew!

Most of us watching the kids play. And me sporting a skirt by choice. The outfit, including shoes, cost $8.50!

After most everyone left, we decided to BBQ. The dad's headed outside to hang around the grill. I decided to send the 5 kiddos outside to play so the "women-folk" could have some quiet time. I had prepped everything earlier in the day so I didn't have to do it all after the party. Here is Ken and Thomas playing ball. And Brian pushing Riley on the tire swing in the background.

The kiddos eating.

The adults eating. And Baby Morgan quietly sitting in her bouncey seat. And check out the "redneck" table we were using. Someday we'll have a nice deck and patio set. And this picture will help us appreciate it more.

After dinner, the kids played some more. Colton gave rides in the wagon for almost an hour. The adults just sat and talked, and laughed. I tell you, Willy and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends, more like family. I am sure last night was just a glimpse to our summer. I cannot express the amount of fun we have with these two families. They are the kind of friends where good-byes last an hour or more, the kids play til we leave (no matter the hour), and we laugh until it hurts.

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