Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catching Up Some

It has been a busy, busy fall!  I thought I would share some pictures and fun we had in one BIG post.  Hopefully with all the fall stuff behind us, I will be on here more.  I read posts daily (almost), but never have the time to really sit down and share much myself.

Here we go....

Colton's first football practice.  I was excited to get a picture of the ball he threw in the air.  Proof that my son doesn't 100% take after me. hehe

Willy playing at a park in Columbia, MO!  Love this park and LOVE this man!!

Colton's football team trying to mad-dog it for the team picture.
I just realized this morning I took only videos of Colton playing football after his first game.  Darn, guess I'll have to hit up grandma for scrapbooking photos.

 The boys in the pumpkin decoration at Silver Dollar City.

 Willy and Colton making their way throuh the smallest section of the cave.  The boys loved it!!

 Willy trying to scare Ethan. 

 Colton practicing his martial arts.  This kid is really enjoying it!

 Colton in his Captain America costume.  The Shield throws discs which were "accidentally" left at home.

 Ethan surrounded by his friends at school.  He is gonna be a social kid like his momma.

 Okay, I really love this house every year.  And this year they painted their children kind of morbidly.  And those kids really acted their parts well.  It was kind of creepy, really.  But very well done.

 The leaves this year have been AMAZING!!

And lets not forget the fall festival.  This event took tons of time and work, but was very much worth all of it!  

 Here's a pic I took real quick to prove I did spend some time with my family amist all the running around.

Not a day has gone by this fall without me thinking of my sweet baby boys.  I miss them and love them so much.  But I see them everywhere. Every bright leaf, every sunset, and every fogged breath in the cold mornings.

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  1. Great pictures! I loved looking at them all! Wishing there were two other little boys in them two.


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