Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Oh Ethan!  Happy Fourth Birthday my big boy!  You are such a bright sunshine to my day!  You have always had such a fun personality and a zest for life!  

When you were born, you came out with your bottom lip sticking out.  Since then you have made a multitude of faces.  Here is a picture that was taken just a few short hours after birth.  I loved your long black hair!

This was taken just a few weeks later.  What a fun smile!

I have always loved this picture.  This was taken at 11 months old.  My how you have grown!

And your first birthday party.  You really dug into your cake.  If only I had known this was the beginning of your love for food. 

This was taken at your second birthday party.  You still wear that hat around, even though it's really too small.

You are so goofy and boistrous.  You make everyone around you laugh.  And you really know how to warm my heart!

This is from last spring.  I love you, sweet boy.

And your fourth birthday party.  You looked forward to this for weeks!  This excitement here is when you heard we were going to light the candles.  I can still hear you cheering, "Fire! Fire!"  Oh if only I had an idea of what our future holds. 
You have this light that fills every room you enter.  You still call my mommy and momma, which squeezes my heart each and every time.  I love the way you say Cochan instead of Colton.  I have really enjoyed watching you grow these past four years!  I can't wait to see what comes next.

I love you,
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