Tuesday, April 3, 2012

14 weeks (and a day)

Baby Size: 3.5 inches (lemon, yum!)

Weight Gain: 4.5 lbs

How I feel:  Great as long as the sun continues to shine!!!

Symptoms:  My breasts are still crazy sore.  And everything else, minus the nausea, is still going on. 

Favorite Food: Rice Krispie treats and Bush's Grillin' Beans.  The Texas Ranchero ones. 

Best Part of Last Week:  Feeling baby flutters on a daily basis.  Whoo hoo!  Makes me giggle everytime.  Felt the first really noticeable ones on 03/31. 

Looking forward to: Easter this week.  Going to make Cinco a little basket.

I am so very excited to be at 14 weeks.  Every week is just so amazing to me.  The weather has been crazy warm here, so we set the pool up last night.  It's going to be so great to have one in the backyard the boys and I can enjoy all summer.

I am having alot of flashbacks right now.  With Easter and Colton's birthday right around the corner, thre are some definite days that I remember with my pregnancy with Lucas and Caleb.  These are tough.  There are middle of the night moments when I am still trying to rearrange events in my mind to make the outcome different.  It's all mind games.  I find them frustrating, yet I know it's all part of their journey and Cinco's.  I am also making conscious efforts to not wear the same outfit on the same days such as Easter and Colton's birthday party.  Sounds crazy to some, but I know my babyloss mommas completely understand.

This past week I learned of a mom who found out she was pregnant with identical twin boys at 18 weeks. Two days later she was diagnosed with stage 4 TTTS.  I don't know many details right now, but please keep her in your prayers.  It is so hard to learn that another family is falling victim to TTTS, and it really breaks my heart. 

I will end with a 14 week belly shot!

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  1. Happy 14 weeks, Carrie! I am so happy for you and Cinco. Your baby bump looks beautiful, and I love reading all of your updates. I imagine having such a similar timeline as the twins must be hard. I know they are watching over you and their baby sibling. They are going to be big brothers now!
    Your friend will be in my prayers. It is just so heartbreaking. xoxo


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