Wednesday, April 25, 2012

17 weeks 3 days

17 weeks!!!!!  I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since I've seen Cinco last.  And 12 weeks ago, I was sure Cinco was gone. 

Baby Size:  5 inches crown to rump

Weight Gain 8.5 lbs

How I feel:  Pretty good.  I have had more energy this past week, although my hips are starting to hurt some.

Symptoms:  Nothing new, really.  My morning bloody nose has returned

Cravings:  Anything edible right now.  I am hungry all the time

Best Part of Last Week: Colton's birthday.  I can't believe he is already SIX years old!!

Looking forward to: 15 days until we find out if Cinco is a boy or girl.  Don't forget the poll to the right.

This past week has flown by.  I can't believe we are almost two weeks away from our anatomy scan.  The weekend was really busy with friends and family in town and Colton's birthday party.  We really had tons of fun, but I was quite exhausted by Sunday afternoon.  It took a few day to catch up on rest.  Willy was also sick from a pineapple from Friday-Monday, and that took it's toll on everyone.  I felt for him though, he was pretty miserable.  So happy to have him back to 100%!!

Colton has spent alot of time talking to the baby, and hugging my belly.  He is so in love with this little baby.  He is so excited to meet this little one, and can hardly wait until September.  He asked the other day if he was going to be in the room when they took Cinco out.  I chuckled and told him, sadly no, but he'll be one of the very first to see and hold Cinco.  He seemed happy with that.

I am feeling more defined movement every day.  Normally Cinco likes to move around between 10 and 11 at night when I head to bed.  But the past couple of days, Cinco has been a morning baby and afternoon baby also.  Willy seems to be getting a little anxious to be able to feel Cinco move around in there.  With the increased movement, I am finding I am finally starting to bond more with Cinco.  I smile and talk to her/him more often.  I am feeling more confident that Cinco is here to stay.

Also, we found the Baby Bullet on sale yesterday, and we had a 30% off coupon.  So another big item purchase for Cinco.  We really need to find out boy or girl soon, it's starting to cost us a little, not being able to buy clothes or shoes yet.

Snickers has found a new favorite spot to lay.  I guess after he was pummelled last week, he figured out he better start being nice to Cinco. 

17 week belly shot.  It seems like I am getting bigger and bigger by the day sometimes.

16 week belly shot from last week.

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