Monday, April 30, 2012

18 Weeks!!!!

Whoo hoo for 18 weeks.  Feels like a pretty big milestone for Cinco and I.  We are 2 weeks from being half-way there.  Love, love this baby.

Baby Size:  5 1/2 inches (crown to rump) More like 9 inches head to toe. 

Weight Gain: We're guessing 9 lbs or so.

How I feel:  Pretty good physically.  I am having some lower abdominal pain in the evenings, stretching and such.  Emotionally I am up and down.  I am sure it's a combination of hormones and May 1st being tomorrow.

Symptoms: No heartburn yet (knocking on wood now).  My breasts are sore again.  Let's also mention the hot flashes, and generally being warmer than normal.

Cravings: Nothing in particular, though I am enjoying the first watermelon of the spring/summer season.

Best Part of Last Week:  Cinco responding to Willy's touch twice last night, even though he couldn't feel her/him.  Also, the many, many times I was asked by strangers when I was due.  I am really looking obviously pregnant, and I love it so much! 

What I am looking forward to: 10 more days until Baby Cinco has a name.  Can't wait!!!!!

This past week has been pretty good.  The weather was nice most days, and that helps tons!!  Cinco moves throughout the day.  Every time I feel him/her, I just smile.  It warms my heart so much to feel this little baby just moving around in there.  I also found Cinco's heartbeat in a different place on Saturday for the first time in over a month. 

Last night Willy and I were hanging on the couch watching tv.  He reached over and rubbed my belly.  Cinco ran a leg, arm, bottom, something up against where he rested his arm.  Then a few minutes later, he patted right below my belly button, and Cinco kicked back.  Absolutely amazing.  If Cinco is a girl, she's already a Daddy's Girl.

Here is my 18 week picture.  More definite growth this week!

Here is a comparison picture from last week. I am going to try and do these weekly now.

This is the first time I've worn a dress while pregnant.  Still not a huge fan of it, but it was comfortable.

This week was the first picture where I saw baby curled up in there. 

The boys wanted to see a picture of what Cinco looks like and this one is amazing! They are so, so excited!!

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  1. You are looking great! I will be sending you extra loving thoughts tomorrow. I hope it is a gentle day. I know this coming month is going to be hard. I hope that Cinco's strong kicks bring you reassurance and peace. Sending love your way! xoxo

  2. You look great! 18 weeks! I can't wait for Cinco to have a name! Thinking of you!


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