Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Birthday Project (2012 B.P.)

May 1st.  23 months since my baby boys were born.  Lucas still.  Caleb fighting for his life.  1 month from now we will be celebrating their too short lives.  My heart aches today.  The pain I feel today is pretty similar to the pain I felt last May 1st. 

Last year, in honor of my baby boys, I wrote thank you letters daily to those whose love and kindness helped me through the dark days, weeks, and months.  This year I want to do something different.  I'm gonna do a photo challenge, and would love for everyone to join me.  There are so many friends that I have met through this journey who May is hard for also.  Even if you didn't lose a baby/ies in May, I encourage you to join us.

The project.  Most of us have had our rainbow babies, or are expecting our rainbow babies.  What amazing miracles we hold.  I want to honor our babies in Heaven and hold dear the hope we have. 

Everyday, I am going to post a picture to honor Lucas and Caleb.  A picture that brings a smile to my face, as I think about and remember them.  I will also post a picture about hope.  The little miracle that is growing inside me every day.  A reminder that even during the darkest hours, there is still some light shining. 

Please feel free to share this on your blogs.  I would love to see this project help many grieving mommas through this tough month. 

Here are my May 1st photos

The picture of Cinco's heartbeat at 7 weeks.  

My dragonflies sent to me from Dana last year.  They are in the pond in the front yard and greet me everytime I pull in my driveway.
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  1. Love both pictures. Love Cinco, of course, and love the reflection of the dragonflies in the water. I'm so glad you like them.

    I think this photo project is a great idea.

  2. Great idea! Love your first pictures.


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