Friday, May 4, 2012


Oh what a day!  Really, what a few weeks! I've realized though that I've really missed blogging on a regular basis.  I am enjoying this.  It is maybe what I needed to get back into it.

My pictures both relate to a trip to Wal-Mart today.  How much I loathe having to walk into that store. 

Anyway, Colton woke up with a fever, achiness, nausea, and a headache this morning.  These symptoms together with the FOUR tick bites from Tuesday had this mama concerned.  I called the doctor and they had me in pretty quick.  Diagnosis: The one on his back is beginning to become infected, and one of the bites on his nether-regions could be the start of Lyme disease.  No panic, though.  Antibiotics for 14 days and just keep an eye on it. 

I dropped him off at home and headed to Wal-Mart on my own.  Three plus weeks with sick boys in my home, I am due for some alone time.

Below is the memorial locket I wear some days with Lucas and Caleb's ashes in it.  I was wearing it today and the lady at the pharmacy commented on how pretty it was.  I simply said thank you and that is was a memorial locket.  She asked who for.  I quickly told her we lost twin boys almost two years ago and their ashes were in it.  She was touched, not horrified.  She said she was sorry, but that it nice that I could keep them close.  She then asked if I knew what this baby was.  I said no, but that we'll find out next week.  She wished me the best, and I was on my way.  The whole interaction was touching.  It's been forever since I've talked to a complete stranger about my babies.  

And here is what I bought at Wal-Mart.  Note to husbands of pregnant wives.  Do not send your tired, stressed out, hungry, pregnant wife to the store alone unless you want this for dinner.  

A quick ending note.  I went to my first MEND support group meeting last night in six months.  I've stayed away, trying to not be reminded of the sad reality.  I decided to go last night for several reasons, and am so happy I did.  But there were two new babies I learned about that were lost during late pregnancy.  It made my heart drop and ache.  But my sweet baby Cinco was awake the whole 2 hour meeting.  She/he was letting me know she/he's okay and doing well.  Thank baby!!

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