Wednesday, May 23, 2012

22 Weeks!!

22 weeks, 2 weeks away from viability.  Also 2 weeks away from the point when my water broke with Lucas and Caleb.

Baby Size:  11 inches, or a package of oreos.  Weighing just over a pound

Weight Gain: We'll go with 10 lbs, though not really sure

How I feel:  Pretty good.  My hips and lower back get sore, along with my tailbone.  The Charley horses have come back, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. 

Symptoms:  Just a little reflux.  I feel great.

Cravings:  Really really loved the fried tomatoes and meatballs last night. Anything with tomatoes right now is pretty high on my list.

Best Part of Week:  Feeling Simon's hiccups on a daily basis

Looking forward to: Heading home for a few days to visit family and Simon's first trip to the zoo. 

I really feel great.  The cough is pretty much gone and my energy is back.  I am excited for summer to start, and to be pregnant during this summer.  Simon has become a very active little boy.  He moves often, and is quite strong.  He seems to love to fun a leg or arm across the bottom of my belly.  He gets the hiccups often, and I LOVE that! He also isn't a fan of loud noises.  Yesterday during Colton's award ceremony, he jumped every time people started clapping.  Made for an active afternoon.

Last weekend was a busy weekend.  We were at a luau on Saturday.  There was a point when Kristan was talking to Baby S.  She was talking to her about Simon.  And every time she said his name, it just made my heart melt.  I truly love this baby boy, and everytime I hear his name, he just seems closer and closer.

Ethan has also began to tell the world about his baby brother.  It is so cute.  He'll walk up to a stranger, pat my belly and say, "My baby brother is in my mommy's tummy.  That's right, we're having another boy.  His name is Simon."  I love that so much!  I love that he is excited.

The end of last week was a little tough for me.  It was Ethan's last day of preschool.  As I was walking out with him, it really reminded me of when I left that church for the last time with Lucas and Caleb.  The same thoughts went through my head, though I tried to stifle them some. I kept thinking how short my time left with them was, and how I had no idea. 

Their birthday is looming close.  I am having some issues with guilt, as my heart doesn't feel as heavy right now as it was this time last year.  I know there are so many factors there, but it is hard.  We're not doing near what we did last year for their birthday, and I know that is normal.  Actually, I am not fully sure what we are doing.  I plan on taking lilies out to the lake again, this time with Colton and Ethan.  And I know we'll make some cupcakes.  I would like to finish their stone and flower garden. 

Along with Lucas and Caleb's birthday is also the 24 week mark of Simon's pregnancy.  It is less than a week later.  I am anxious about this milestone.  I want to just through it, and keep going.  I knew that these two dates, being so close together, could be the ingredients of the perfect storm.  The fact that I'm not having as hard a time as I thought I would scares me a bit.  It makes me wonder if it'll hit all at once, and hard.  Guess we'll find out.

Well, on to some pictures.

22 week belly shot. Looking a little round this week.

A picture in one of my favorite maternity shirts.   And one of the most comfortable pair of shorts I have.  

With every baby, we make them a stuffed animal at build-a-bear.  We started this with Colton.  Each of us in the family kisses a heart to put in the animal.  For Simon, Colton and Ethan added hearts with kisses for Lucas and Caleb.  This little guy has 6 hearts in him.  How's that for love??
We chose a chipmunk for Simon.  When Ethan first learned we had chosen the name Simon, he informed us, "Simon is a chipmunk, not a baby!"  Simon's nickname is chipmunk, given by Ethan.

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  1. You look beautiful! And I love Simon's name so much. I am so happy that he is doing so well. I will be sending you extra strong prayers these next few weeks. These milestones will be difficult, but I hope that Simon's kicks and rolls will bring you some peace. You have such beautiful sons both here on Earth and in Heaven. Love to you!


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