Monday, April 16, 2012

16 Weeks!!

Wow, on time this week, but no belly picture.  Next week I'll have one though.

Baby Size: 4.5-5 inches crown to rump.

Weight Gain: Officially 7 lbs

How I feel:  Still pretty lost and emotional. 

Symptoms: Most first trimester symptoms are now gone.  A few are lingering a little.  I have started my twice a week headaches.

Cravings: Fried Fish...For those who know me well, know how much I DON'T like fish.  At all!!!  This has been my very first food craving that actually changed the way a food tastes in all four pregnancies.  Thank you Willy's mom (Dru) for fying fish last night. Super Yummy!!

Best Part of Last Week: My ob appt.  Baby looks great. Anatomy scan is scheduled.

Looking forward to: Continuing to get to know Cinco through squirms and kicks.

The big thing for this week is that Cinco's ears are working well enough to hear.  When I told Colton this the other night, he immediately sat down next to my belly and started talking to her/him.  He told Cinco about the names we've picked out, what he did that day, just different, random things.  I love how close he feels to this baby.  He is really excited for when he'll be able to feel Cinco move around.

Also with Colton, he is sick again.  Boo!!  He spiked a fever last night with a pretty nasty cough.  He coughed so hard that he threw up several times.  Not any fun, poor guy.  And me, in my heightened state of protection, made him sleep in a pallet next to my side of the bed last night.  This meant I had him coughing on the left and Willy snoring on the right.  It was a very long night, and a touchy morning.  After seeing Dr. H. it has been determined that he has allergy induced asthma (like his daddy).  I love that Dr. H. listens to me, and trusts what I think when we are talking about my children.  We have a good plan in place and hopefully won't have anymore problems.

I am back to menu making and cooking again.  It feels so wonderful to have that structure.  I don't spend as much money and we eat much, much healthier.  I am trying a variety of salads right now before summer gets here.  I made a strawbery spinach salad (Thank you Sarah B.) yesterday that was absolutely amazing!!!!  Plus I found the perfect menu board off Pimterest to make. 

Well, that's about it for this week.  Our anatomy scan is on May 10th!  I won't be posting on here until the 11th though.  I want to tell my family in person, so most everyone else will have to wait an extra day.  I have posted a poll on the right though. 

Have a great week!!
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