Thursday, July 12, 2012

29 weeks (and 2 days)

Wow, almost to 30 weeks.  So close to single digit weeks left.  I am really starting to feel some urgency in getting things ready for our newest little man.

Size: 16-17 inches and 2.5-3 lbs.  That's beginning to be a whole lot of baby!

Weight Gain: 25 lbs.  May have lost a pound or so in the past several days.

Innie or Outie: Closer and closer to flattie.

Cravings:  Salty and Sweet things.  Actually the sweet stuff first, then the salty stuff to make the too much sweetness go away.  Kind of hard to explain.

Symptoms: My knees and ankles are getting sharp pains in them at night.  And my hips are really beginning to hurt.  The heartburn has stayed pretty consistent, though it has been starting earlier in the evening. Bummer.

Best Part of Last Week:  Ethan and Simon playing with monster trucks

What I am Looking forward to: Finishing up Simon's name for his wall.

Ethan has really bonded with Simon this week.  I am not sure what clicked in that little guy's head, but I am very much loving it!  This weekend, Ethan was rolling a monster truck up and down my belly. (It has become a playground, apparently)  Ethan would stop the truck on the top of my belly, and Simon would kick it, making it roll back down.  Ethan would laugh and try it again.  It was so much fun to watch. 

Since then, Ethan has talked to him every night before bed.  Their conversations vary greatly, but it just really warms my heart.  The other night Ethan announced that he would be moving away when he is grown up.  He said that he will stay with us because he loves Baby Simon that much.  Then a few minutes later while we were watching a show about alligators, Ethan leaned over to Baby Simon, patted my belly and said, " It's okay Baby Simon, I know you're scared, but I am your big brother and will protect you."  This kid melts my heart completely. 

I truly pray that Baby Simon makes it here alive and healthy.  I really don't know how I could break Ethan's heart at this point.  And that fear resides inside of me.  Some days it's not as close to the surface as others.  I feel more at ease as each day passes, though.

My doctor's appointment went very well last week.  We are now on the two week rotation, which was celebrated by W and Dr. L.  Such a great point to make it to.  We also talked a little more about the VBAC and some of the plans.  She did say that we'll take him by c-section if he's not here on his due date.  What a relief to know that she won't be encouraging me to wait it out an extra week. 

That night I went to our local MEND meeting.  I really enjoy these meetings. I avoided them the first 4 months of this pregnancy.  I just wasn't emotionally in a place where I could handle the sadness of the reality.  It's kind of weird to be there at this point, though.  I love having the time to really be able to think about Lucas and Caleb and talk about them.  It is my time that is about them. I get to share about them, their lives, without others around me thinking I should really be concentrating on Simon.  It was a good meeting with some really heavy moments.  But Simon made himself known quite a bit through the meeting.  I really hoped that his movements weren't as noticeable to others around me as they were to me.  It helps that there were two other moms there who are expecting rainbow babies.

The boys are in VBS this week at University Heights Baptist Church.  Colton went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This one holds a special place for me and this pregnancy.  Last year when Colton was going, I was doing a summer bible study.  One of the women in the bible study was very (36 weeks or so ) pregnant.  Her daughter was also attending VBS at UHBC.  I would see her walk in, very pregnant and happy, and I would think how I would really love to in that spot.  I am this year, and it's just so wonderful!

I also spent the day today shopping for more decorations for Simon's room.  I really found some great stuff here and there and can't wait to get it all together and up on the walls.  Mardels has some great owl stuff back in the teacher supplies section.  I am grateful Willy thought to look there a few weeks ago. 

I finished my Army Wives marathon last week.  I watched all the episodes over the past few months.  It's a tough one to watch, especially having lost babies.  There are lots of stories of loss, and there are episodes when the tears won't stop falling.  I have decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy.  I have seen a handful of episodes.  I figure as long as it is hot out, I might as well get some great tv in...thank you Netflix.  I am currently looking for a half hour show on there to watch once Simon arrives.  I figure him and I will spend quite a few 23 minute sessions together on the couch those first couple of months.

29 weeks

Snickers taking a break and loving on Simon.  Simon doesn't kick him as much anymore, and when he does, Snickers doesn't seem to mind. Guess they are beginning to get used to each other.

I bought 1 package of cookies Saturday evening and they were pretty much gone by Sunday morning.  My dad came down to visit and he is our family cookie monster.  Haha, Dad!  Willy and I ate some too, so I'm not saying my dad ate them all.  Anyway, Willy went out to pick up some bacon at 8:30 Sunday night and bought me some more cookies.  Willy bought the bacon for the BLT's I was very suddenly craving.  I was informed it was my craving run for the week.  Love him!!

The top three packages are for me, and the bottom one is for Willy. He said he bought those for himself to help him stay of the ones he bought for me.  He acts like I don't share well.

My wonderful husband in my apron getting ready to fry the bacon.  You have to love a man who brings home the bacon and cooks it too!!  And only a real man can wear an apron with heels and ruffles on it!

My diapers from Cowpatties.  I love them!!  Ethan is super stoked about the Superhero Squad one.

The completed collection (for now).  I feel ready to get started with cloth diapering and am pretty excited about it.

Ethan made this for Baby Simon in VBS today.  He proudly announced to everyone within earshot that he made something for everyone in our family, even Baby Simon.

Pretty sure Simon hit a growth spurt overnight.  I woke up and was shocked when I looked in the mirror. 

Wow,  I hope you've made it to the end of this novel!!

Until next week!

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  1. Hi Carrie,

    It looks like you are doing awesome!I am so happy for you! My midwife suggested Papaya Enzyme for heartburn. I can't completely eat stuff I know will give me bad heartburn and expect it to help. But when it does crop up (I'm 39 weeks) the papaya does help! I bought mine at Whole Foods. Just thought I'd share. :) Keep up the great work!

  2. You look great! I can't believe it's almost 30 weeks!

    I think it's so sweet that Ethan is bonding with Simon already! So cute!

    And I understand sweet then salty. Adam eats sweets and then usually chases it with cheese. :)

    I hope you are well! NOt much longer!

  3. Ethan's conversations with Simon are so sweet. I can just imagine how you feel. Absolute love. Your bump is so cute, and you can really see a difference over those two days. I really liked the picture of snickers resting his head. Too funny. I am glad that you were able to attend the MEND meeting and talk about your precious Caleb and Lucas. xoxo These updates make me so happy. You are getting closer and closer! :)


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