Monday, July 30, 2012

Monster Trucks!!

This weekend was BUSY!!! As in I spent more time away than I did at home from Friday on.  But we made sure to make time for some family fun.  Willy and I really wanted to do something special with the boys before Simon arrives.  When we heard about the Monster Truck Nationals  about an hour's drive away, we thought, "Perfect!"

On Saturday evening, we headed out to Wheatland to Lucas Oil Speedway.  It was 102 degrees out, but luckily we found seats in the shade, and there was a really nice breeze.  Dru sent me with two square pieces of foam to use for the bleachers.  Thank you so much! 

The Speedway sign.  The boys were incredibly excited!!

Willy and the boys, waiting for the action to start.

The boys and I.  And Simon poking out there in the middle.  We finally have Colton out of the "every picture is a goofy pictures" stage, and now Ethan has decided it's his turn.  Personality!

The look of awe!

What Ethan was in awe about.   Might not be letting the kiddos ride their bikes for awhile.  I can definitely see my boys getting a little more brave.  They LOVED this!!  And the back flip that this guy did the next time through.

YAY for girl power! The driver is a woman, and the rookie of the year!!  

No intermission is complete without t-shirt cannons!  I cannot describe how my heart leaped out of my chest when Colton thought one was getting close and he would lean towards it.  Or how it felt when I thought a few teenage boys might jump on top of me to catch one.  We didn't come home with a t-shirt, but the boys had monster trucks waiting in their carseats when we were back in the van.

We really had a great time!  Watching Colton and Ethan get excited over the different tricks and smashing of cars was just amazing.  Willy and I laughed so hard, and the boys will remember this for quite some time!  They are both talking about it still to anyone who will listen. 

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P.S. A little side not, this event put my camera over 10,000 pictures!  That's alot of pictures taken in not even three years.

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