Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 weeks (and 2 days)

30 weeks!!  I am truly grateful to make it this far.  In less than 10 weeks we will get to meet, hold, snuggle, and love on our newest little man. 

Size: 16-17 inches.  2.5-3 lbs  Most of his growth this week was in the little brain of his.  His cheeks are fattening out and his brain is wrinkling up.  Way to go!

Weight Gain: I am down .5 lbs.  I can handle that.  Although my goal isn't to lose weight, it is nice to not be gaining the 1.5+ lbs a week.

Innie or Outie: Let's go with island.  hehe  The middle is out, looks kind of cool.

Symptoms:  The Sciatia is beginning to start up.  If I roll over, it usually goes away.  The heartburn and reflux continues to get worse.  Just smelling tomatoes brings on the heartburn.  Seriously.  Tums are my closest buddy right now.  Might break down and take a Zantac before eating something that is really going to make me pay.  I am sure one a week or so would be okay. 

Cravings: Still on the sweet then salty stuff.

Best Part of Last Week:  Saturday when it was breezy and 74 out ALL day long!  And Sunday when Simon moved the entire day.

Looking forward to: My appointment on Monday.

This past week has gone by pretty quickly.  It was the best week I've had in a month or so. I was out and about three days in a row.  It felt great to be part of the living again.  This heat has really kept me inside too much.

Simon must be running out of room in my belly.  His movements have changed so much.  The jabs and such feel like they are coming from tiny hands and feet.  His other movements are slow and huge.  He seems to be settling in the past couple of days, as he doesn't seem as active.  But he's still passing the kick counts. 

I also was able to finish the name panels for Simon's room.  I am super excited about them being done and will post a picture once they are hung on the wall.  I also finally ordered the onesie stickers for him.  I found these on Etsy and are designed by MaddiesmomE.  I was so excited to find ones that would be personalized with Simon's name on them.  When they came in yesterday, I just cried.  Seeing his name on these really hit home. 

Here is a picture of the fabulous cupcake I bought to celebrate the passing on my glucose test.  I somehow forgot to post it last week.  It was so very yummy!!
 The 30 week picture. There is still some noticeable growth....and I am feeling some stretching pains.  I am pretty sure Simon has turned head down.  I feel his head pretty low here and there.  And he still likes to snuggle his bum up in my lungs.

Willy's mom has been redecorating her house the past couple of weeks.  She came across this frame and the pillow and just had to get them for Simon's room.  The colors are perfect!!  Thank you, thank you, Dru!!

Ethan insists this pillow has to be in Simon's bed.  I keep trying to explain to him that we will have to move it when he is sleeping in there.

I woke up at 7:00 am Saturday morning to 69 degree weather.  I grabbed my Kindle Fire and a cup of coffee, headed out to the backyard, and read for an hour and a half.  I made the boys come out for a little while, as it was too nice out to be inside.  After breakfast, we decided to head to the Nature Center.  I love this place.  I love being this close to nature.  We hiked 2 miles through the trails.  It felt so wonderful to be active and enjoying the time with my family.  I am really looking forward to bringing Simon out there.

After the Nature Center, we took the boys back to Springfield Lake to do some fishing.  The lake is much lower now than it was last month, but they still had fun.  And it was more enjoyable being 30 degrees cooler out.  Ethan caught the one and only fish.  Boy was he proud of it!

The boys have been back in VBS this week.  It's the last one for the summer.  School starts four weeks from yesterday, so we'll be wrapping up summer fun.  I can't believe it's already time for school shopping.  Not to mention the PTA membership drive that is starting up soon.  These next 5 weeks or so are going to be incredibly busy, and I am ready for it!  The time is going to really start to pass quickly, and I know that soon I'll be holding my baby boy.

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  1. Carrie, how are you doing? Hope all is well!


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