Thursday, July 26, 2012

31 weeks (+2)

Down to single digit weeks left!  Love it!

Baby's Length: 16-17 inches 3 lbs or so

Weight Gain: Down a pound! Whoo hoo!  Puts me at 24 lbs up

Innie or Outie: Flat for the most part

Symptoms:  My hips and back are beginning to hurt more often.  I am also having Braxton Hicks contractions on a daily basis.  And the area under my breasts where my bra lies has begun to go numb.  This has happened with every pregnancy and feeling returns as soon as baby is born.

How I feel: Hanging in there this week.  But excited to at 31 weeks.

Best part of last week: Learning I lost 1 pound.  The 17 pounds in 8 weeks was weighing on me a bit.  Not that I am trying to lose weight, just not put on a ton more.

Looking forward to: The final stretch.  I am so excited about getting everything ready for Simon to come home in two months.

I am fighting off a sinus infection.  31 weeks pregnant, plus 100+ degree weather, and not feeling well does not make for a cheery momma.  I have slept so much this week, and I feel like I am winning the battle.  But my energy level is barely registering most days.  I finally was able to get most of the house caught up this morning, after taking some Claritin last night. 

My appointment last week went really well.  My glucose levels were perfect, and I am measuring right on track.  Dr. L. tried to feel if Simon was head down and said, "He's just too small to tell yet.  Maybe at the next appointment."  Too small???  Heck yeah, I'll take that.  At 20 weeks he was looking to be a chunk, so I'll take a smaller baby (6.8lbs would be nice).  She gave me the information for the epidural interview, and I go back in 2 weeks. 

Simon moves alot right now.  I am pretty sure he is trying to find a comfortable position in there but can't quite.  Some of his movements are beginning to hurt, and last night they brought on a few Braxton Hicks contractions.  I am feeling the difference between head/butt and legs/arms.  I love all the extra movement. It is so much fun to watch my belly move around so crazy.  I am trying to remember to keep the camera close so I can get a good video of it. 

I am starting my lists for packing for the hospital.  I usually start getting it all packed around 35 weeks, but it takes a few weeks to make the lists.  There are times when I can't believe we are at this point.  I also have a list of things for "just in case."  I know it sounds horrible, but it's my reality now.  There are things I want to make sure we have pictures of him with.  There aren't many moments anymore when I fear the worst.  But the fears are still there. 

Oh, and the invitations for our Baby Shower are finished!  Tina is a true creative rockstar!  I will post a picture as it gets closer, but know that it is AMAZING!!  She knows my heart.  They'll go out in a few weeks.  I wanted to have the shower as late in this pregnancy as I could get away with.  Since my water broke with the twins on the day the invitations went out, I wanted to make sure that if it happened again (I know most likely not, but my reality), that things would have a much better chance at good outcome.

Well, not a lot of pictures from this last week.  Hope everyone else is hanging in there through this horrible, dry heat.

31 weeks

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