Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's cold outside.  Not the bitter cold surrounding today, but it's still cold.  I am so ready for spring to be here.  Simon is going nuts being stuck in the house.  And I have Luke through Friday, so we really can't hit up a story time or anything of the like. But next week, yeah we'll hit a bunch up.

Speaking of Simon, we're seeing a few changes.  He is cranky right now, pretty sure it's from his body detoxing the allergens and all the extras that come in processed foods.  It's been almost FIVE days now that he hasn't had soy or dairy....and very, very little processed foods.  Because soy is in just about everything processed.  But he had his FIRST solid poo today!  The first ever for him!  I love seeing a change already.

So, since things are otherwise kind of bleh around here, I thought I would share some pictures from that I never really found the time to share before.

This boys makes me laugh every day. 

Simon feeding a goat for the first time. 

This is the arrangement Mike and Dru sent for my Grandma's service.  The pitcher is the same color as the lamp she gave me a few years ago.  Simon LOVES this pitcher.  I can almost hear my Grandma laugh several times a day as I take toys out of it that Simon has hurriedly stuffed in there.

Petting stingrays at STL zoo.

The "farm park". 

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but just in case not, I will now.  These are the original marble blocks to the fireplace.  At around 10-12 months, all three boys have discovered that they can pull some of them up.  A few are in 2 or 3 pieces, so when I have to put them back in, it's like putting a puzzle together.  This is one of the family milestones that made me really miss Lucas and Caleb.  I could only imagine that day seeing the two of them working together to get out as many as possible before I came around the corner. 

Ending on a happy note.  Love my family! 

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