Monday, January 20, 2014

Park Day, Park Day, Park Day

The weather this extended weekend has been AMAZING!  It's been really nice, and yesterday the wind wasn't so blustery.  A trip to the park was definitely in order.  We haven't been to a park since Simon has been walking well, so this was a big trip for him.  He's really been longing for outside time lately.  He'll bring me his shoes throughout the day.  If I put them on him, he'll go and sit in front of the back door, just waiting to go outside.  It is going to be a fun spring!

So, here are some pictures from the park yesterday.  He loved the freedom to run.  He climbed the stairs of the equipment, walked over to the slide, sat down and went for it. Like he's been doing it his whole life.  Then he would take off to another area.  And I loved every second of chasing him around.  I know the trip did us all well.

 Really not digging this piece here.  I'm really strict about my kids climbing slides. This looks kind of like a slide, but is built to climb up.  Simon picked it up real quick though.

 He just looks so very big!

 He walked between the alligator and dinosaur giving them hugs.
When he saw the dinosaur, he squealed with excitement and ran to it, giving it hugs.  Love his heart!

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