Friday, January 17, 2014

No More Pulling Labels from the Trash

Simon had his allergy testing this morning.  We've known since birth (pretty sure before birth) that a milk allergy was a definite.  I actually had a milk allergy throughout my pregnancy with him.  One that went away as soon as I delivered.  Then all the spitting up he did when I had ANY kind of dairy while I was nursing him. 

Over the past several months, his dairy allergy seems to have been more and more sensitive.  From milk to including ice cream, to just recently cheeses.  It's painful for him, and I hate seeing him go through it.  We've also suspected a rice allergy after he ate some organic puffs and had a pretty rough reaction.  A reaction that was common with other foods containing rice.  And I've spent the past couple months pulling out labels from the trash to see what ingredients are in something that could be giving him a reaction.

Well, the rice allergy is actually an allergy to soy.  Yes, soy.  Soy and Milk.  The other "common" food allergies are clear though.  I've been learning how to read labels the past couple of months, now I'm going to get a whole lot better. 

The plan is to go completely soy and milk free for a month.  Then to try and see if there are certain foods she has listed that he can tolerate....a food a week.  Things such as baked goods with milk in them, items with soy towards the bottom and so forth.  But he had animal crackers for the first time yesterday, (Willy bought a big container from Sams.) and he's been having a tough time with them. 

We do have two epi pens, one for the house and one for the diaper bag.  She told us not to wait until he had trouble breathing, but to use it if he is really rashing up and it's spreading quickly.  I've used the practice's going to hurt if we ever have to use it.  But I am happy to have it on hand.

The allergist also heard a heart murmur.  We've traveled this road with the two older boys.  The pediatric cardiologist is nice.  I am sure we'll have an appointment next month.  I'm surprised it hasn't been heard before, but Colton's wasn't heard until he was 18 months.  The big boys' murmurs are innocent, so I'm not panicking like I did with Colton. 

Simon did pretty well with the testing.  Snacks and Tinga Tinga Tales on the Kindle kept  him pretty occupied during the pricks and waiting.  He's a great kid for dr's offices. 

So, we're going to be eating even healthier around here.  Mama Jean's and I will become well acquainted soon.  I am so grateful we know now what is bothering him and am looking forward to a little one who isn't so cranky, and has normal diapers again.  I want him to feel good, and I know cutting these foods out is really going to help.


  1. I'm glad you know what is bothering him. We do a lot of label reading around here too. It's not easy, but it's worth it.


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