Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back at 2013

Normally I have this up on New Year's Eve, but the day passed quickly and it was pretty late by the time I realized I had forgotten.  So, here is looking back on 2013.  The year went by really fast.  There were a lot of memories made, some really hard moments, and some great surprises!

**After writing for an hour, I realize this is crazy long. Hang in there though, there are some great pictures!**


The year started with a trip to Washington to visit my family. It was a fun trip.  We visited with my dad, Michelle and her family, and then headed to my mom's to visit with my grandma and for Aunt Boo to meet her newest nephew.

 I will hold this picture every so close.
 Miss Emmy Jo with her Scentsy pig.
Aunt Boo meeting Simon, and Emily not looking too sure.  Maybe she knew she knew momma would be having one of those little people this year.
There was a ton of family fun in February.  I still have a tough time in February, knowing that it was the month we found out we were having twins.  It's kind of an underlying thought that comes and goes.  Kind of a post first year grief thing, I guess.
 We celebrated Dru's birthday at Chuck E Cheese as we do every year. 
 Simon's first ride.  He really didn't care much.
 We had an awesome snow!  The perfect snowman snow.
 And Simon's first big snow.
 And Snickers is a HUGE fan of the snow.  The dog cracked me up!
We made a rice krispie treat train one night with the boys as part of a family fun night.  It was fun and super yummy.
March was full of more fun.  The weather was amazing for a month when it is hit or miss.

We spent the first of many outings with our long time pals.  Colton and Carter have been friends since Colton was 10 months old.  We love this family!  And the pictures we have through the years with the kids and this tiger are priceless.
Simon's first Easter
 The first trip to SDC for the season.  Simon's first train ride.
I can't believe how much he has grown!

His first egg hunt.
 Simon had his first play date with Kye. 
 Colton turned 7.  My oh my, what an age.  This was the first birthday without a big party.  It's when we decided to do the family birthday bash in the summer.  Which is one of the greatest ideas we've ever had!
The only picture with this hat before it was too small.

A haircut for my Ethan
Simon's first trip to Lambert's.
The boys with Grandpa Tim. He surprised them by coming down and a trip to Lambert's.
The most beautiful sunset to start the month.


The first of many days at the park.  Love my boys.

My lil bug graduated from Pre-K.  Oh what a tough moment that was.

 The boys' first Amtrak ride.  Ethan still swears that it was the best day of his life!
Love it!

Memorial Day fun.  The holiday is always, and will always be tough on my heart.  But spending it with fabulous friends always helps me make it through.

Lucas and Caleb would have turned 3 on the first.  Their birthday comes in with a roar still, but leaves quietly now.
 The first trip to White Water was fun.
 My oldest rocking the monkey bars.
Simon's first day trip to the lake to visit grandma and grandpa.  He wanted to fish food also.
Our first birthday bash.  This was a huge hit! I can't wait to do this every year!

Our friends and family.
July was a cooler than normal month.  I really wanted to embrace this summer, and we totally did.
 The boys filled up water balloons and attacked daddy when he came back from the store.
 And daddy attacked them back.

We always go to the Fourth of July parade in Marshfield.  And we always take a family picture.  This is one of the pictures we take that always, always has a hole in it.

 More park fun
 And Miss Emmy Jo stayed with us for a week!
School started mid-August.  Ethan's first day of Kindergarten.  Colton's first day of Second Grade.

My eyes swell with tears every time I see this picture.
 September brought us Lucy.  The two weeks we had her were great.  But I'm glad she's in a loving home with close friends that we can visit anytime.

And Simon turned ONE!  What a day it was!

Willy and I celebrated seven years married. 
October was full of fun.  And it was the hardest month of the year.  Losing my grandma has been the hardest moment since losing Lucas and Caleb.  I believe I grieve harder than before.  And it still hurts sometimes.

This woman was so amazing!  I learned so much from her, and her love for life.  She was there for me always.  I still pick up the phone sometimes, ready to call her, whether it is to share a funny story about the boys or just to check on how she is doing.  And last night was tough.  Saying good-bye to the year that we said good-bye to her.
We did have some good moments in October also, though.

Boy Scout camping trip, made awesome by camping with the Harts.

And of course, Halloween.
I was happy to see October go.  November was came in quietly, but left with a ROAR!  Thanksgiving fell late, Black Friday was on Ethan's birthday, and 10 out of 14 of us came down with a stomach bug that last weekend. 



Maddie and Austin were down for Ethan's birthday this year.  We had an impromptu small party after dinner.
Over a foot of snow fell in December.  Lots and lots of snow.  We had FOUR snow days before Christmas break, and embraced the first three.

And Christmas.  The awe and exploration from Simon just warmed my heart all month long.

 Our Santa screaming photo
This boy couldn't have been happier.

 My Christmas surprise.  Erika moved home with her family.  I met Ellie Mae.  The tears that fell when I saw her get out of my mom's car, wow, it was pretty incredible.
I have to say I am glad to see 2013 go.  The year was mostly pretty wonderful, but losing my grandma really overshadows some of the good stuff some days.  But I also look at all these pictures and realized how blessed I truly am.  I am hoping 2014 brings more great memories, and not so much heartbreak.  I know there are some great moments coming up.



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