Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big 30!!

On Saturday, August 20th, I turned the Big  30!!

We decided to throw a luau themed birthday party this year for my birthday.  Afterall, 30 is a pretty big birthday and I figured if I did it right, it would be a blast, not a sad day!  And we had so much fun!  We are so blessed with amazing friend and family. 

The pictures are not in the order I would like, but oh well.  I hope you enjoy them!!

 We set up two canopies in the backyard for shade and guard against rain.  It rained all around us that day.  We only felt a few sprinkles.  Thank you Sam and Brian, and Chris and Tina, for the use of your canopies!

 I love this picture of Kristan.  It is so much fun and shows her personality!

 Willy made my cake for me.  Dru had to work, and he really wanted to try his hand at it!  I am so proud of well he did! It looked awesome!  And I have to add that he decorated it with 4 boys running around while Kristan and I picked up tables and chairs! 

 Blowing out my candles before they could melt the ice cream!

 I am a big fan of this picture also.  It's not very often there are more than one or two pictures of me. 

 Dru, Willy-tiki, and me.  I picked out this dress when Dru and I went birthday shopping.  She and I both loved it, and I knew it was perfect for this party!

 Swinging at the pinata!

 I truly love Willy!  He is so goofy.  And Jamie really brings some of that out sometimes.  Thanks for the laugh, guys!

 The cake table.  I also love the lemonade dispenser.  We will be using that often, I am sure.

 Some of the kiddos playing in the pool.

Cake and ice cream time! 

I received a card in the mail earlier in the week. It was addressed from a close family friend who has been amazing this past year.  There was a letter with it explaining in such a beautiful way that the card is truly from Lucas and Caleb.  Thank you! 

Also, during the party, there were numerous dragonflies hanging around us.  I knew they were with us the entire time.  And to top it off, after the few sprinkles we had, a rainbow appeared above us.  How amazingly special!  I feel great about what the 30's are going to bring us!!
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  1. It looks like your party was wonderful! I love that there were dragonflies hanging around and the rainbow was just icing on the cake! (yes, pun intended). :) I know Lucas and Caleb were there with you!

    You look great and I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Wish I could have been there. I'm glad that your 30th birthday was full of joy. :-)

  3. Your birthday party looked like tons of fun! I am so glad that you had such a great day. Your most certainly deserved it. :-) Welcome to your 30s!


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