Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of Summer Trip

Willy had a business trip to STL earlier this week for some training. We decided to tag along as a last trip before school starts.  We left Monday afternoon and headed to STL in the rain.  Glorious rain it was, by the way.

We always stay at Drury Inn at Union Station when we go up there.  We love the hotel, the food, and the location with all the trains!  After checking in, we headed up to the room for our routine settle-in.

 Colton learned he could do flips on the bed just like on a trampoline.  This boy is completely fearless!

 Both the boys enjoying bouncing on the bed.  Their beds are rather bouncey I am told!  hehe
 Michelle and her family came up to have dinner with us and swim.  I really love how our kids are such great friends even though they live 200 miles from each other.  It always warms my heart.  Thank you Michelle and Craig for bringing your kiddos up to play with mine.
 Swimming in the pool was fun.  The dads swam with the kids while Michelle and I sat on the side an caught up. 
And while Willy tossed Ethan in the air.  I know his head is cut off in the pic, but it shows the air he had.  Also....Colton is officially a swimmer!!!!  He swam from the deep end to the shallow end several times while we were there.  I am so proud of him.  It's been a HUGE summer for my first born.  And I really can't believe that two weeks from today he will start kindergarten. 

I will end with saying that this was the first time we'd been to this hotel since I was pregnant with Lucas and Caleb.  Last time we stayed here, I was 8 or so weeks pregnant and VERY carsick.  I was actually sick the entire time we were there, either in the bathroom or the bed.  We stayed two nights and it was pretty miserable.  I had no idea we were having twins at the time.  There were a few bittersweet moments this trip, but I think I really proved to myself how far in this grief journey I've traveled.

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  1. Hi Carrie, looks like you had a great trip. I loved the Drury Hotel when I stayed in St. Louis too. I am just checking in today to see if Patches has yet arrived to you? Please let us know when he has!! :)


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