Monday, August 29, 2011

Colton's First Day of Kindergarten

Last Thursday was Colton's first day of kindergarten.  Surprisingly enough, the morning wasn't near as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I kind of broke down and shut off Wednesday night, though.  After the meet-the-teacher event, I was having a tough time. 

I woke up early on Thursday morning to make my little man breakfast.  He had requested bacon, eggs, and blueberry muffins.  The peaceful time alone before the kids waking up was, and is, priceless.  Colton woke up at 7:15 and came down the stairs singing, "Today is the first day of kindergarten!!!"  So happy that he is so excited about school!

 Here's Colton on his bike, ready to ride it the 4 blocks to school!

 On our way!

 My little guy in front of his very big school!

 Colton and I outside his classroom.

 Colton showing off his schoolbox.  We decorated it with Green Lantern stickers since they only make plain ones anymore.

 Colton and his teacher, Mrs. Toomey. We both really like her!

A silly face for mommy before it's time to go.

Believe it or not, I shed not a tear that day.  And I felt really guilty about it.  Seriously, what kind of mom doesn't cry when her oldest son starts kindergarten?  Then I remembered how rough the night before was, and realized I had been treating this event just as I do grief.   The anticipation is much worse than the moment.

I will leave with a funny story:  This morning I took Colton to the gym to wait with his class.  It was his first day to go there, and he was pretty anxious about being in the middle of all those kiddos.  I told him I would wait by the door until his teacher came to pick him up.  I walked over to the door and kept eye contact with him.  He seemed nervous, which made me a little nervous.  Like tears welling up for him nervous.  Anyway, his teacher came in and began to take his class out of the gym.  I waved to him, he started to smile, and I blew him a kiss.  When I looked up, I noticed the principal waving at me....I looked shocked, I just "blew a kiss" to the principal, he thought I was waving at him.  We both chuckled, waved at each other and I dashed out of there.  So happy that I have gotten to know him pretty well over the past couple of weeks or it could have been even more embarrassing.

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  1. That is funny. I'm glad that Colton is so excited about school and that it wasn't as hard as anticipated. I'm glad he has a nice teacher. It makes a big difference.


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