Saturday, March 17, 2012

Circus and St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  I love, love this day.  There are so many things you can do to make it fun, no matter the ages and even when you're pregnant!  And I am sooooo looking forward to corned beef this afternoon! Yummy!!

This post is two in one.  Since I really don't get pictures up, I figured I would combine them and take advantage of the time I am sitting at the computer.

First, though I want to share this picture of our pond in the front yard.  One of my new favorite pictures! Dana, I love these dragonflies and am so grateful to you for them.  I am also excited about all the new fish we have this year.  Seems like Willy and I weren't the only ones staying warm this winter.  hehe

And here is the St. Patrick's Day gift the kids helped make for the teachers this year.  This will be my first Pinterest upload.  I combined a couple ideas and got this!

 Now for circus stuff.  Ethan has spent the last three weeks or so asking to go to the circus.  There were several times when he would walk around singing the song from the commercial.  Cute kid.  Well, we decided that since he had never been that we would go on one of the hospital nights (1/2 price).  We had a great time!  Although Ethan really wasn't digging the clowns much.

This is a picture of the trampoline act.  Makes me grateful to not have a trampoline in my backyard.  I am pretty sure my boys would be out there attempting some of these acts.

Ethan cracking up at the wind-up toy act.  This one is one of my favorites!

Colton looking amazed at something, can't remember when I took this.

No circus post is complete without elephant pictures.    These elephants are potty trained.  Seriously! They stand over a bucket and pee into it. Cracks me up!!
The night was really alot of fun.  Although we could have done without the smoke machines.  They messed up pictures, and really screwed with my allergies.  But fun was definitely had by all!!

This morning, the boys woke up to this.  They managed to crawl under it with out breaking it all apart.  They came running in, telling us, "You have to come see this!!!"  They figured the leprechaun set a trap for them.

They then headed downstairs.  When we got to the door at the bottom, Colton hushed us so we can see if we had caught him in the trap he made at school.  He was shocked to see the footprints and that all the gold coins were gone!

 But he left a clue.  The boys were super excited about going on a scavenger hunt.  And they were really good at figuring out the clues.  Wish my mind worked as well first thing in the morning.

The clues even led them outside.  Notice how it is still dark out.  My boys are early risers.

In the end, they found treasure!  The leprechaun even left a green rubber ducky for Baby Cinco.  Of course, Snickers assumed it was for him so it's put up.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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