Monday, March 26, 2012

We're Here!!!!

I sure wish I could do cartwheels right about now!  I am just so excited about making it to the second trimester.  There were honestly times when I thought Cinco and I wouldn't get here.  I am just elated to make it this far.  And all the love, prayers, and support Cinco and I have received the past 9 weeks is just, well WOW!  Thank you, friends and family.  I am looking forward to the next 27 (most likely) weeks and I know that with all of you by my side, that we'll do this.

This all being written,  also want to share the other feelings I have about making it to this point.  I don't feel the absolute positivity I have felt after reaching this point during my previous pregnancies.  I somewhat miss that feeling.  The "everything is okay now, we'll be holding our baby in 6 months" feeling.  I know that what happened with Lucas and Caleb won't happen this time, but I am also aware of the hundreds, maybe thousands of other things that can go wrong still.

Even though I really don't keep updated on new losses, (I actually avoid them right now) I can't forget what I know, what I have learned.  I truly understand what a miracle each and every baby born is.  I often think back to my 5 week ultrasound, when all we saw was a black hole.  There was nothing in there to indicate Cinco was beginning to grow.  And then two weeks later when we saw Cinco and a little heart beating.  How amazing!!!! 

I'll go back to weekly update format next week.  Last week was a good week.  I am definitely feeling second trimester pregnant more than first.  Although I haven't had that ah-ha moment when I realize my energy is fully back.  I do feel really good for the most part, though. I am looking forward to May when we find out if we'll be finally buying some pink and purple, or finding some more blue and green.  Either way, I will be thrilled just to know everything with Cinco is great!

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  1. High 5 and bellyrubs to the second trimester!

    x <3 o

  2. Hooray for the 2nd trimester! I am glad Cinco is doing well and I think about you both every day! Grow, Cinco, grow!!


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