Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Congratulations, You Made Me Cry

Dear Whoever,

I went to your website today to reorder my birth control, which I shouldn't have to order at all. When I go to re-order online, I am told that it cannot be processed until I CALL to have my credit card registered. And instead of giving me a number to call, I am instructed to dial the number on the back of my id card. And here's the first of the problems....the number on the back of my id card is for Pharmacy X when you are Pharmacy Z. Seriously??? And nowhere on your site is a number to try and call.

So I call the number for Pharmacy X. I am then sent through menu after menu and cannot find anywhere an option that suits my needs. Even when I verbally select none of these, I am sent to another menu with no applicable options. In my frustration I hang up and search your site once more. And find nothing.

So I call a second time and after being juggled around for 10 minutes I finally talk to someone. Then, when trying to verify my address, I am given an address I had FIVE years ago! Really? You guys just sent me a Rx 3 months ago to my current address. And the operator acts confused. Then she asks me what I need. I tell her the story and that I just need to register my credit card so I can get my Rx re-ordered. She says, well you need to call pharmacy Z, they have to handle that. At some point the tears start to well up and she decides to let me know that she can transfer me. Then she said a bunch more stuff which I really couldn't understand and I hear music.

After five or so minutes, I get somebody in with a quiet background that is much nicer and that can help me. I register my card and ask for a direct number so that when my card expires in Jan I can register my new one.

I hate that I had to go through all of this when I really shouldn't have to. There is no EASY button for us BLMs and it sucks. If the twins were here, I wouldn' t need birth control. If I hadn't have had to have an emergency c-section, I wouldn't be having to wait. If things would have worked according to mine and Willy's plan, none of this would be an issue. It's hard enough having to deal with being on birth control in general, why does there have to be so many hoops to get something that I really don't want in the first place? And I hate that when I am finally feeling really good, that I get brought down some so soon.

So there's my ramble for the day. I didn't cry for long, it was mainly tears of frustration. Now I am off to eat some Kraft Mac N Cheese Spirals.

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  1. I'm sorry it was so difficult, made even more difficult because you don't even want to be on the stupid pills. It sucks that you are, it sucks that you aren't holding your babies right now. I don't know why people make these systems so difficult.


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