Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going into my Hole, Now

Grandma is out of surgery. They were able to remove most of the cancerous tumor and the stint was placed in her ureter. The doctors feel positive about how well the surgery went and she should be home next week. I am grateful and feel so blessed to have this prayer answered. As many of us know, sometimes we feel that we aren't heard. But this one was heard and answered and I am grateful for everyone who prayed for her and the family. A big thank you.

With this being said, I am emotionally drained. This week has been stressful and has had a lot of valleys. Something else also came up that I won't talk about right now, but it has been piled on top of it all. I am exhausted and have tons of stuff to get done over the next couple of days. And the Wave of Light Ceremony tomorrow.

I think I am going to burrow into my hole for awhile. I will be on facebook and check everyone's blogs and read them. I think of all you BLM's everyday. But I probably won't respond much until I am feeling back on the up and up. I don't know if I can find many positive words when it comes to babyloss and don't want to bring anyone down. Please know that I love you all and am always thinking of you and all our angels.

1 comment:

  1. I am so so glad and grateful that your grandma made it through the surgery well. I know it must have been a very intense few days. I hope this weekend has been rejuvenating for you <3


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