Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, we finally got our big snow! A foot of the beautiful white stuff has fallen and I am loving it! We woke up Tuesday morning to snow and sleet mix and I was starting to get worried that it wouldn't change over. But it did.

The boys and I started the morning by making some chocolate chip cookies. I love cooking with them, but in my tiny kitchen, it's tough sometimes.

Then, once enough snow had fallen, we decided to head outside for the snow. This is the first time Ethan has really gotten into the spirit of things. And Colton headed straight for his slide. Willy started shoveling piles for the boys to play and dig in. And the snow kept falling.

And falling harder....

Back inside, we hit up the legos. Willy made it look like Colton's house was on fire so Colton could use the firetrucks he built to put them out. Brilliant idea! Legos used up tons of time.

Then the boys decided to make bean bag sandwiches. With each other as the meat. I have to say this is rather entertaining. And very much all boy. They even took turns being squished by each other.

Yesterday, day 2, we decided to play desert island. We were all stranded on an island with games, books, and a picnic. We even let the boys put on their swim trunks. We built a tent with a sheet (theirs is in storage), and Willy even joined us. This was really fabulous fun!

Playing Scatterpillar

Ethan discovering the rescue ship.

Can you guess who has been walking on my porch barefoot?
I have been waiting to post this in hopes that Colton's second tooth would fall out. But it hadn't, although it is literally hanging there. It's been a really fun couple of days. I have truly enjoyed my family. I have to say I am ready to get out of the house, though. Except tomorrow is Snow Day #4. Big Bummer. I am sure we'll come up with something creative for tomorrow. And just a few more days until Superbowl!!!!
Also, I have taken enough pictures (200+) for an entire scrapbook. Thought I would add this collage to the post. I took a picture every hour starting at 7:30am Tuesday morning. I have to say it was fun watching the snow get deeper and deeper.

I hope everyone affected by this storm has stayed safe and warm. And that you all have enjoyed it some.

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