Monday, February 7, 2011

A Weekend for the Books

So this weekend was wonderful. We had a lot of fun beginning with snow and ending with Superbowl. I had a hard time picking just a few pictures for this post, so there's slightly more than a couple....but I shortened my list twice.

Here is a good picture of how deep the snow was....before the additional 3 inches we received Friday night.

The boys will play when mommy's away. Really, I was inside working on dinner. And I honestly believe that if we are ever blessed with a little girl, she will still be all boy.
The slide never gets old when there's snow on the ground.

And dessert. Kristan gave us the idea of using food coloring for their snow ice cream. And they chose their favorite colors. Hearing the words, "I'm eating yellow snow." was about too much.

Friday afternoon/evening we ventured out for some major grocery shopping. We also picked Aunt Jamie (now calling her Aunt Jamie since there are too many Jamie's and the boys have been getting confused) up so she could get some groceries also. We also treated ourselves to Steak n Shake.
Even though it was snowing like crazy, yet again, we thought it would be better to get our shopping done before Superbowl weekend rush. The only price....the paint job on my van. We slightly rear-ended someone. No major damage to anyone or anything, though. Willy was driving and there was just no stopping.

Saturday morning started with Colton losing tooth number 2! And we have this one, no swallowing allowed.

Saturday was warm, so there was some melting, which meant it was time for snowmen. The boys put together three of them in 30 minutes!

And I saw this sky and really spent a few moments sending love to Lucas and Caleb.

After snow fun, I had no motivation to cook. We thought we would let the boys choose their dinner. Weird combinations, but they thought it was fun!
I started this art project in October and finally finished and hung it on Sunday. I love this!

We decided to hold a small Superbowl party. We thought we would keep it small this year, with just a few friend and their kids. It was a BLAST!!!! And the food totally rocked! There was actually very little left over!

I could throw a party like this every month. I truly love playing hostess and cooking for everyone. I hope that our next house has a better layout for bigger get togethers.

Surprisingly enough, the kids all played really well in the playroom. They were quiet for 5 under 5. I am proud of them all!
Notice Riley and Colton in the yellow beanbag chair. They saw each other once in January. There really are days that I believe they will be together forever.
There was a moment last night when Willy caught them sneaking off together. He quietly followed them into the other room. Riley turned around and saw him standing there, grinning. Willy asked what they were doing and her response was a guilty, "Nothing." And that, folks is the next 15+ years of our lives with the two of them. hehe

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