Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hard Moments

This family has been on my mind so much the past 24+ hours. Yesterday there was a really bad accident here in Springfield. A mom and her two children were in a SUV that rolled over after sliding on the ice. I heard the story of a man that was there at the scene. If you want you can see it here. But know, you will cry and your heart will ache. The mom died at the scene. And her two children, 4 and 6 watched as a doctor tried to resuscitate her.

All I can think about is those two little children. And I relate it to Colton and Ethan. I come closer to understanding Willy's fear as I was lying in the hospital back in June. This dad lost his wife, the mother to his children. His children will forever remember yesterday. And I know grief all too well. I know that the next days, months, and years are going to be difficult for all of them. Once again, I think, "How unfair."

So please, if you are one who prays, pray hard for the Gentry family. And if you're not, just keep them in your thoughts and kiss your little ones an extra time tonight.

If I learn about something being set up to help this family out, I will make sure to post it here for any who are interested. I don't personally know this family, but this accident, this loss, is weighing heavy on my heart.

UPDATE: Gold Mines has set up an account with Empire Bank. You can go to any Emprire Bank to donate for the family. Thank you, Rebekah for the information.

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  1. **tears** those poor children... my heart aches for them.


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