Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't Want to go to Bed

I have had the most amazing night tonight, especially considering the week I have had and the emotional buildup to tomorrow (today for some of you). My great friend, Kristan, brought her boys over for dinner and trains tonight. And Willy brought home an ice cream cake for my birthday. And "they" are right, there is nothing like celebrating with those you love. I really hope next year my family can come down for the big 30!!

While finishing up dinner, Dana (Jacob's mommy), called to check and see how I was doing. I spilled out to her via facebook earlier today and it wasn't pretty. And it made me feel so awesome and loved. How cool is it that I get a call from Canada from a fellow BLM that I have never seen to check on how I am doing and be willing to talk and help me out. Thank you, Dana! Your thoughtfulness has done so much for me.

Kritan's husband, Ken, came by a little later for ice cream, also. And we have visited all night. Seriously. We asked the kids to pick up toys at 9pm and they did. And I am pretty sure it was 11:10pm when we said our last good-byes for the night. And the really cool part...there were four boys playing all night and not a single disagreement! We got to visit as adults and friends and our boys got to play and enjoy themselves without us having to interfere. Thank you Hart Family for all you have been and done!

And thank you to everyone that has really poured out your love to me throughout this week. I really don't think I would be feeling the way I do right now if it wasn't for each and every one of you! I love you all!

But I don't want to go to bed. I am praying this amazing "high" will last through until morning. I know it is so possible that I will wake up dwelling on the other meaning behind tomorrow. 36 weeks....full term. And I am trying to concentrate on what IS not what WOULD BE. I want to enjoy tomorrow with my family, not be sad and mopey. My plan is to wake-up, enjoy my coffee, and write a post to get the tears out of the way for the whole weekend. But, if I am feeling pretty good, I might skip the post and catch up later.

Good Night


  1. It just makes me happy that you had such a good night last night and that you woke up happy today. I hope that it continues and I'm so glad that my call helped. It was really good to hear your voice. I could tell just from that that you were feeling better and it was nice hearing your boys in the background.

    I hope that you have a great weekend and that you can really enjoy it. I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Oh I am so happy that you had such a positive day. Dana is wonderful, isn't she? I love that you had so many positives yesterday. I hope that your birthday has been gentle on you, and that it has been filled with as many heartwarming moments as your Thursday. (((Hugs)))
    And Happy Birthday!


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