Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Hump

August 20th, 2010
The Day I turned 29.
The Day I would have been 36 weeks pregnant with Lucas and Caleb.
The Day I had marked as the "end of pregnancy" with the twins

Even though the EDD for the twins was 09/17/10, we considered the realistic due date to be 08/20/10. 36 weeks is considered full term for twins and we knew we would do good to make it there.

Last week sucked big time. I had some crazy difficult days when I really didn't think the pain would ever go away. I knew Friday was coming and it was going to suck. And the fact that it was also my birthday made it that much harder to approach.

But the day was FABULOUS!!! I mean seriously amazing. I woke up to so many wonderful notes, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends who thought of me on my birthday and prayed for it to be gentle on me. I honestly believe that without all of you the day would have been horrible.

We left on our camping trip on Friday morning, which gave me something to do and away from the house. I'll post later with pictures about our great weekend.

I honestly feel a hundred pounds lighter now. I think Friday was my big hump and I survived, with help. I feel like I can really face the world now. For the past two days the thought "I should be......" haven't crossed my mind until I realized I hadn't thought it. Even then it wasn't "I should be...." it was "I haven't thought about time like that." I feel freer now. My baby fever is here with a vengeance and I feel the need to be around babies. Funny, huh? And this is a good thing, because I can name off 5 babies that will all be here in the next 8 weeks or so.

Thank you again to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, sent thoughts and prayers my way, and called to check on me. I honestly don't know how I would have made it this far without all of you. And I hope that as some of my BLM friends approach their due dates they feel the calmness after their humps just as I have.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad the day was kind to you, and I'm glad you have had a good weekend!

    I can only hope and pray that I feel this calmness after Friday.

  2. I'm so glad you had a great birthday and a great weekend. I thought about you often. I am also so glad that you have felt the calmness. You certainly deserve it.

    Talk to you soon!


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