Friday, September 10, 2010

September Funk

So before anyone goes off about the wonderful people that have birthdays this month or their anniversary's that are this month (mine is on the 30th.) I just want to say I truly could go to sleep and wake up in October. And I know that I am not the only one. So many of my friends (including many of you) are really in a funk this month. We just can't seem to get ahead, let alone caught up. I truly thought after a very emotional morning this morning I was working on it...but nope, here I am typing and crying big ol' elephant tears. The pain is still raw and it just won't let go of me. I have begged it to leave. I have apologized to the happiness for missing the tears. Please, please just go away now. I have spent all week crying multiple times a day.

Today was the first official meeting for our MOPS group for the school year. I am on Hospitality so I've been crazy busy this week getting everything together with Kristan and Kim to be ready for today. It's been busy and a little overwhelming. I thought my roller coaster emotions this week were due to the build up of today, along with magnified PMS.

I really had a good morning. Even though I cried a lot of tears and I know many others who cried some with me. Every year they recognize the babies that were born over the summer. This year, unfortunately they had to recognize the angels. It was hard, somehow hearing their names being mentioned in this category to women who knew and some who didn't made this all a little more final, I guess. I am so grateful they were mentioned. It just hurts a little extra right now.

I also want to thank to the special women who really stood out to me today. I don't know if they want their names out there, but they know who they are. Thank you for approaching me, thinking of me, and supporting me. So many of you are just amazing and I know it was God's directing for me to find this specific MOPS group out of the 20+ in Springfield. I just don't know where I'd be today if I didn't have each and every one of them.

All in all, this month is really sucking it up right now. And I know that I am not the only one feeling this way. I am sure it probably has a lot to do with the changing of the seasons and all that. But I really thought I was getting it together. I'd expect a rough day here and there, but I've had FIVE in a row. Seriously? Is this how it's going to work? I find the song below, "Wake Me When September Ends" to be so very fitting.

I miss my babies so much right now it hurts.


  1. I've been listening to that song a lot lately. September is a hard month for a lot of us BLM's. I love the fall, but it is difficult to transition from sunny days to gray skies.

    I am sorry you are having a hard month. It's only the 10th - will be praying it gets better. I am glad you have a good MOPS group.

  2. Hopefully this month gets better. I heard that song on the radio the other day and thought "this is so fitting...Just wake me up when September ends."

    The fall season, the rain we've been having (I expect you are probably having it too), the cooler weather (not by much, but still cooler) all fits my mood.

  3. I knew the fall was going to be hard, but it is proving difficult in ways I did not expect. I too have seen an increase in bad days. I would like to extend sleeping through September to sleeping until 2011! :)Since that probably won't happen, I will be sending you lots of strength and positive thoughts. I am thinking of you and sending you big big hugs. <3


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