Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amidst It All

So, I'm having a hard time. But I am trying really hard to push through it all and am hoping that once the 1st has come and gone, that it will get better. Or if it truly snows tonight, that should help quite a bit.

Yesterday we talked about going to see Santa after dinner. We wanted to beat the Christmas rush and the Bass Pro Santa line is CRAZY! Last year it took 3 tries to see him. The successful one included my husband going by around noon and sweet talking one of the employees to find us a pass...for 7:00pm.

We went to Bass Pro first, and managed to receive a pass for 7:30. Since we had an hour to kill, we thought we would head to Hobby Lobby to get our 2010 ornaments. (I'll post those pics later). When we walked in, there is this large nativity scene right in front of the doors. Both boys were super excited about seeing Baby Jesus. Colton even requested a picture with Baby Jesus. This is the boy that 90% of the time fights pictures.

He probably could have spent all night sitting there. And notice the red Santa pass in his hand.

In just a few years time, that will be a real rifle. Scares me a little.

The boys laughing at the Banana-Orange knock-knock joke I was telling to get a good smile.

And the event of the evening! After spending 2 hours waiting to see Santa (7:30 really means 8:30 in North Pole time), Ethan refused to go near him. He was within 20 feet and started crying. I picked him up to carry him, thinking Mommy being there would help. I was wrong and I took several hard kicks to my c-section incision. When I put him down, he ran over 100 feet away, through the crowds, dodging merchandise stands, screaming like Santa was chasing him with an axe. And all we could do was laugh. I was standing there, listening to this screaming child run away with his Daddy chasing him and watching Colton intently tell Santa EVERYTHING on his list. Maybe next year Ethan will join Colton again on Santa's lap.

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  1. I'm glad that one unforgettable moment gave you a good laugh! I had a good laugh with this story!


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