Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Snickers

This is our newest family member, Snickers. He is 4 months old and is a sheltie/whippet mix...aka Shippet. He comes from the Humane Society and was the last of his litter to be adopted.
He loves to watch tv.

And chew on his "baby."
He's a huge fan of Colton

And naps once in awhile....all on my couch.
He had taken over my couch. Although as of right now he is perched on my lap. He doesn't like being in a room alone just yet. He really likes soft, fluffy things. I even caught him in a basket of clean laundry while I was changing over laundry. He's a great puppy, and we all are completely in love with him already.
I am so excited to have this little guy. However, I wonder how spoiled he will be. He does add light to my heart. The hole left by losing my two babies feels a tiny bit (tiny, tiny bit) smaller. And for now, my intense desire to have another baby has been watered down slightly. More like I am able to be a little more patient in my waiting.

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  1. Snickers is adorable! It feels so nice to have a little furry animal running around and looking at you with big eyes. I bet the boys love having him. I love that he settled into the clean laundry.


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