Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fabulous Weekend

We went up to Washington to visit family and friends this past weekend. The trip was wonderful and jam-packed. We saw lots of people and had loads of fun. It was a much needed time to get away for awhile.

On Friday night, I met up with a high school friend, Chad. If you haven't read this post about his special gift to me from Austraila, check it out here. This is the sand from Mulaloo Beach, where Lucas and Caleb's names were written by the talented Carly. If you missed the pictures, check them out. Chad called me close to 11pm and we decided to meet at The Landing a little after 11. Seeing him for the first time in ten years was wonderful. Trying to catch up in an hour in a bar, a little harder. But we did it. And he handed me a bottle sand that has traveled through customs in 14 different countries. He also found on the beach that day three sandstones in a group. A large on and two smaller ones. Be still my heart.

To read more about his trip, here is an article a local paper did.

On Saturday we took the boys to The Mills mall. We were looking for something to do inside that wouldn't be PACKED!

This play area is to die for. I truly wish our mall had one of these. My boys are quickly outgrowing ours. The only downside is the difference in the kids up there. They weren't as friendly. Honestly. Ethan came over crying saying that no one wanted to be his friend. And he was right. All the kids seem to do their own thing and felt no need to play with each other.

Here is the other really cool thing. They had a train for the kids to ride on. It's big enough for parents, but we though the boys were old enough to ride by themselves around the play area. Plus is was $3 a person. So we watched it take off, and it didn't go around....it went down a hallway. We were sure it would turn and come back down to us....wrong! I had to chase the train down in my 2.5" boots so my boys would be in my sight. Then they laughed at me for powerwalking to keep up. What an adventure.

Colton got to drive his first go-cart.

And climb his first tall rock wall.

Then we had pizza at Fortell's. Amazingly cheesy pizza!
Saturday night we met up with my best friend from high school, Michelle and her family at their place. The kids played til 11:30 and we visited. I love that even though we are 200 miles apart, our kids are still growing up together.
Sunday was also nice visiting with my mom and sisters and Gary. Colton played the Konnect some, but I'm not impressed with it. Then lunch with my Aunt and cousin, and off towards home with a pitstop at Mike and Dru's for dinner.
The weekend was really busy and my boys are still sleeping past 8, trying to get caught up on sleep. I'm feeling pretty good and really productive in my many aspects of my life right now. Just hope I can keep it that way.

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