Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missing Grandpa

This morning, a year ago, we received the call that my grandpa had passed away. It was one of those moments you always consider, but never want to imagine. He'd been on a health roller coaster since October. He was in the hospital for possible stroke and other health issues. They sent him home on hospice. In February he was doing so well they took him off hospice. The whole family was together on Valentine's Day of 2010 to celebrate him.

Grandpa was one I always looked up to. I wanted to make him proud. And my grandparents are the example I live up to for my marriage. They'd been married for 57 years when he passed, only 4 weeks before his 97th birthday. I remember thinking he would live to see 120.

I look at his passing now differently than I did when we first lost him. And it was soon after I lost the twins that I pictured him rocking them in his rocking chair. I also have memory of a brief moment at his service, picturing a similar scene. It was the smallest of moments.

My grandparents in 2006 at my wedding rehearsal. They showed the definition of love.

Grandpa holding Ethan Easter of 2008. I took this picture wanting to capture all the moments I could. I also have a video, but can't find it anywhere.

All the grandkids and great-grandkids (okay maybe half)

Grandpa serving up his rum punch. He is the best at making it.

My grandparents with me on my wedding day in 2006

I love and miss you, grandpa. Kiss my babies for me, please.

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PS I wrote this Thursday night so I could post it first thing. But Friday is the one year anniversary, please nevermind the date stamp at the top

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  1. What a special man <3 I hope the anniversary was as gentle as possible. The image of him holding Caleb and Lucas is incredibly heartwarming. Sending you hugs and love!


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