Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Dreaming

I have little time this morning, but wanted to get it down before I forgot, as I've forgotten alot of it already.

I dreamed of Lucas and Caleb last night. They were about 6 months old and sleeping in the bunkbeds. Lucas on top and Caleb on bottom. Lucas had been up for awhile and I went to check on Caleb as he'd been sleeping for quite awhile. When I went in, his body was cold and he was pale (much like when he was in my arms in the hospital) I started to sob and said, "Oh, Caleb." Then he opened his beautiful blue eyes and grinned at me (Ethan's grin by the way). I picked him up and held him so tightly, he nuzzled my shoulder and cheek. I then dressed both boys in their matching outfits. Willy walked up and I told him how Caleb had been cold and he told me that it was normal, "didn't I remember." That it was part of the TTTS effects and that he would grow out of it. And I had both babies in my arms, cooing and grinnng.

I wish I had more time to dig into this dream, I don't. But I plan on trying to after the weekend.

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  1. My heart lurched as I read this. It is so nice that you had a dream about your boys. It would have been a little nicer without the scare with Caleb, but to imagine them both in your arms, alive, warm and making sweet baby noises.


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