Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Weekend

What a weekend! We started off Saturday morning with a birthday party. The boys really had a good time and left with balloons. Then mommy let them escape from the van. We had to go get new balloons. Normally I'm not one of those moms who needs to replace stuff like that, but it was my fault and a balloon to a child is their world.

Then it started to storm Saturday evening....

I took Snickers out on the front porch to potty. Keep in mind, this puppy doesn't go very far from us when we are outside....he stays within 4 or 5 feet. When something "scares" him, he runs back to us and sits at our feet. Well, not this time. He took off. I don't mean just simply started to run. He vanished. He was running so fast, he ran past Willy and Mike and they never saw him. We proceeded to walk through the mud and rain for the next hour calling for him. Dru and I went out in the truck for another hour. Then Mike and Dru took out for another half hour after dropping me back at home.

The next morning the boys and I went out for 45 minutes before heading to church, and still no Snickers. We had our number out to various people who were out walking, Mike called it in to cracker barrel (a Sunday morning "talk" show), and we had called in to the microchip company.

Sunday evening around 9:15, 24Petwatch called with a guy on the other line. He had found our puppy. He was only 3 blocks south of us and I was on my way. Other than smelling like wet dog and dirt, he was okay. We are now back to housetraining. And he seems to have found his spot in our family well. I cannot express my gratitude for the man who called the number on Snickers' tag. Losing Snickers was scary and heartbreaking.

We also had a Rockband birthday party for Willy on Sunday. Since we have pinatas at our kids' parties, Willy felt he wanted one also.

Willy posing like a garden gnome. I love him!

The kiddos eating and watching a movie in the playroom.

Here is some of the rockstar action we had going on. I love how much fun we all have with these games. We have some amazing friends and we always just have a blast meow when we get together. The time flys by quickly and it's usually pretty late, but that is part of the fun.

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